A Little Strang3

Xander Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)



Xander is very good at reading other people, and an excellent actor. She likes working alone, observing, and no one knows much about her, but are friends with her. She is pretty much the polar opposite of Luka, since she is very loud and speaks her mind. She tends to have no censorship on what she says. Xander likes leading people and being in charge, and is a strong ambivert with some maturity. Her room has a sort of Queen of Hearts vibe, with a black and red color and spades everywhere.

Physical Appearance

Has shoulder length light pale orange hair and green eyes. Has 2 ear piercing on her left ear and above her right eye. Has a casual long sleeved shirt with stripes on the sleeves/bottom and a loose bow tie. Wears tight black leggings and converse.


She mostly hangs her cousin, Luka, and her friends Mavric and Lars. She kinda is iffy with Aequorin because they both share high intelligence. She get frustrated easily with the others but knows how to keep her calm.. partially.

  • Xander hates mostly everyone
  • Xander likes [Unknown]

Other Information/Trivia

  • Xander is 19 years old
  • She was born on November 30th, and is a Sagittarius
  • She is 5'7'' and weighs 139.5 lbs
  • Xander is Bi-curious