A Little Strang3

Weston is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3.

Weston Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)



Weston is a sporty person whose parents still dress them up. She was adopted, so her parents dress her up in things she doesn’t extremely like. Though she looks sort of gloomy, she actually is quite spontaneous and cheery. She loves to play soccer or kickball, and enjoys having her friends to play with her. She enjoys listening to opera, and often tries to sing along. Her looks nearly drive everyone away, so she has always been lonely and somewhat introverted. Weston’s room includes a record player, sports awards and things of the such, and puzzles (which she loves).

Physical Appearance

Wears low black/brown pigtails and a baggy long-sleeved shirt. Her left eye is light blue, and her right eye is a pink. She usually wears crocks with some bleached jeans or yoga pants. Her hairbands are orange, since it's her favorite color.


Delvin and Valyn are her best friends, since they have the same social standpoint. Kameron and Luka are friends with her, and Luka almost has as strong of a relationship with her as Valyn and Delvin. Most people, again, are drawn away by her stern looks.

  • Weston hates no one
  • Weston likes [Unknown]

Other Information/Trivia

  • Weston is 18 years old
  • She was born on December 26th, and is a Capricorn
  • She is 5'4'' and weighs 127 lbs
  • Weston is Asexual
  • She is the only known character with Heterochromia