A Little Strang3

Valyn is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3

Valyn Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)



Valyn gets offended by literally everything, but also gets offended for other people. She kinda is still stuck in the old times, referencing things that only existed in the past, or how things used to be. Is a complete hipster and likes things such as pumpkin spice lattes (and getting triggered). She enjoys listening to Vaporwave music in her free time as well. Her “offended” personality usually drives people away, resulting in her not having many friends. Due to this, Valyn has some self questioning and personality struggles. Her room includes social activist posters, plants and rugs, a coffee maker, and plaid wallpaper. Her animal counterpart is an Alligator.

Physical Appearance[]

Sports orange eyes. She has bright blonde and brown dreads, glasses, and a beanie, accompanied by a saggy shoulder-revealing tee shirt. Usually wears jeans, and either converse or uggs. Has a scarf and a belt that hangs down like a tail. Her animal counterpart gives her sharp teeth, some scales, and a tail.


Valyn is somewhat disliked by everyone (except Kameron) and her best friends include Delvin and Weston, who share a close situation to hers. Though she mostly hangs with them, she is alone quite a lot, usually on her phone or glaring at people.

Other Information/Trivia[]

  • Valyn is 18 years old
  • She was born on January 25th, and is an Aquarius
  • She is 5'7'' and weighs 142 lbs
  • Valyn is Queer