A Little Strang3

The Dream Spaces are the rooms owned by each main character in the House of the Abnormal. Each character's rooms look exactly what their dream would look like, including everything they wish they had.

All Dream Spaces

Aequorin's -

Delvin's -

His room includes canvases, a mic, dance floor, and brick walls

Kameron's -

Her room includes posters, a pc, and tons of books.

Lars' -

His room has a skating collection, graffiti, and some ramps that let him do tricks in his room.

Luka's -

Her room includes a writer’s desk and small toys.

Mavric's -

His room has cream colored carpets with a flower wallpaper. He also has a seashell collection and world maps (loves travel).

Rialr's -

Rialr's room includes silver walls, dark hardwood flooring, and black ceiling with glow in the dark stars. He owns a cello, keyboard, and surround-sound speakers. Has also has hammock and bookshelves in his room.

Valyn's -

Her room includes social activist posters, plants and rugs, a coffee maker, and plaid wallpaper.

Weston's -

Weston’s room includes a record player, sports awards and things of the such, and puzzles (which she loves).

Xander's -

Her room has a sort of Queen of Hearts vibe, with a black and red color and spades everywhere.