A Little Strang3

Rialr Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)



Rialr is considered a “bad boy” but he really isn’t. He likes to explore and to do the unthinkable which leads people to think he’s a rebel. He brings out the adventure side in everyone and is very extroverted. Even though he is prideful, it is very easy to get him flustered and embarrassed. He treats everyday like it’s his last and lives in the moment. His friends mean a lot of him and he want to repay them but doesn’t know how too. He enjoys music and has been playing the cello since he was 3. He prefers writing everything by hand so he remembers it and collects old scriptures and literature. His animal counterpart is a Polar Bear.

Physical Appearance

Rialr has white/tinted blue shaggy hair, light maroon eyes, and some freckles. His outfit includes an open black mid-sleeve button up on top of a white V-neck with Dark grey skinny jeans. Sports generic converse. His left ear is pierced twice and he has a band-aid on his face. His animal counterpart gives him paler skin, bear-like legs, a poofy tail, and sharper teeth.


Rialr's only good friend is Mavric, which they've been friends since he was only 8. The reason he doesn't have many friends is because he doesn't want to get close to someone and them just leaving him for someone better. It took Mavric many years to convince Rialr he wouldn't leave. Rialr has to move away from Mavric when he was 17 causing him to isolate himself completely from having real friends. He still has people who are just normal friends but none of them are close to him. Because of his personality, he doesn't really hate anyone.

  • Rialr hates no one
  • Rialr likes [Unknown]

Other Information/Trivia

  • Rialr starts off as 19, but turns 20 when you first meet him.
  • He was born on December 19th, and is a Sagittarius
  • He is 5'11'' and weighs 159.5 lbs
  • Rialr's sexuality is Bisexual
  • Rialr is the only main character to not show up in the beginning of the show.