A Little Strang3

Mavric is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3.



Mavric is that quirky, weird, not loud, a weird version of mature, and courageous one of the group. Others believe he should be the leader, but he likes being second in charge. He is quite frankly scared of being wrong, and strangely enjoys the ocean, and a sort of classic/classical kind of person. His friends call him a “smol bean”, since he really is a sweetie. Mavric is known to stand up for his friends and what he believes in, even if it means doing regretful things. He also prefers cats, but likes quiet dogs. His room has cream colored carpets with a flower wallpaper. He also has a seashell collection and world maps (he loves to travel). His animal counterpart is a dragon with goat legs.

Physical Appearance

(Male) Has short dirty blonde, sorta shaggy hair, and has a ribbon tied around his left wrist. Wears casual clothing that looks like swimwear, like a surf shirt and floral shorts. Has sort of a hood tied to his neck. Is either barefoot or wearing converse. His animal counterpart gives him goat legs, horns, and a wider mouth. His ribbon also moves to his horn, and he wears a tank top instead of a swim shirt. His cape stays, but his floral pants are removed due to the goat legs.


He is pretty friendly with everyone but he prefers hanging out with Xander and Luka. His real best friend is someone named Rialr, but he moved away 2 years ago. He doesn’t really hate anyone but find Valyn to be rude at times.  

Other Information/Trivia

  • Mavric is 19 years old
  • He was born on February 21st, and is a Pisces
  • Mavric is 5'9'' and weighs 152 lbs
  • Mavric is confirmed a Homosexual
  • He is the only character who's animal counterpart isn't a real animal