A Little Strang3

Luka Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)

Luka is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3.



Luka is extremely gloomy by herself, and is very seclusive, though is pretty childish and pouts a lot around her cousin. She is pretty quiet, but does get used to certain people. She is somewhat blank by herself, but draws quite often to express herself. She then gives these drawings to her friends as a gift (but mostly to Xander). Even though she is like that most of the time, she tries to make as many friends as she can. Her room includes a writer’s desk and small toys. Her animal counterpart is a Gazelle.

Physical Appearance

(Female) Sports smooth navy blue hair that goes to her shoulders, and also bangs. Has brown eyes that sort of match Aequorin’s contacts, but wears purple contacts since she thinks brown is boring. Wears a usual t-shirt and leggings, mostly accompanied by flip flops or slip-ons. Her animal counterpart gives her horns, sort of a longer face, and some Gazelle legs that increase her speed.


Luka gets along and mostly tags along with her older cousin, Xander, yet also hangs out with Weston, Mavric, and Aequorin, and sort of gets along with Kameron. She has relationship issues with Valyn, since she is mainly an introvert which clashes with Valyn’s personality. Stays away from Lars because she is scared of him. Mostly appears with Xander or Aequorin, and of course with plot revelations.

Other Information/Trivia

  • Luka is 17 years old
  • She was born September 23rd, and is a Libra
  • Luka is 5'6'' and weighs 130 lbs
  • She is Bisexual
  • Xander is her older cousin