A Little Strang3

Lars Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)

Lars is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3.



Very quiet, but becomes very emotional very quickly. Enjoys skateboarding, or pretty much anything that has wheels. He can get attached to you very quickly, and mostly trusts anyone he meets. His pastime includes skating, of course, and hanging out with Kameron. He sometimes writes stories to relieve emotions, so he carries around a journal to write his thoughts in. This is to try to keep himself from overreacting and hurting anyone. His room has a skating collection, graffiti, and some ramps that let him do tricks in his room. His animal counterpart is a Parrot.

Physical Appearance

(Male) Usually wears a skateboarding helmet that has a Mohawk. Has short dark-green hair/maroon eyes, and a short sleeved shirt over a long sleeved. He also wears jeans and red/black Nike shoes. His animal counterpart gives him wings, a pointier nose, and some bird feet.


Gets along extremely well with Kameron, and hangs out with her quite a lot. He also hangs out quite a lot with Xander. He sorta is friends with Mavric. He is somewhat rivals with Weston, since she hates skating and thinks it’s pointless. He wants to befriend Luka, but she seems distant from him. He thinks Aequorin is weird since he never really talks or cares about anything.