A Little Strang3

Kameron is one of the main characters in the animated series, A Little Strang3.

Kameron Head-shot (Art by Zaila Lemonte)



Kameron is very sly and a huge fangirl. Ships everyone with everyone, and is kinda pushy like that. She is extremely into Jazz music, which people believe is strange due to her personality. Her hobbies include going around and shoving her OTP’s together and writing fan-fictions about them. Though she does this, she is extremely formal and well put together in a serious or work situation. She is mostly extroverted in most situations, in tense situations or fights she turns serious and quite dark. Kameron also has some issues with herself and has a lot of self doubt. Her room includes posters, a PC, and tons of books. Her animal counterpart is a Tiger.

Physical Appearance[]

Dirty blonde short hair with brown eyes and a sort of casual business suit with stripes. She wears a tie with a small top hat on her head. She also wears glasses, and keeps her hair quite shaggy. Her counterpart gives her whiskers, cat ears, and a tail.


Kameron gets along with Luka (somewhat) and also befriended Lars, who is her best friend, and Xander. She often rivals with Valyn since their personalities somewhat clash. She sorta really gets along with everyone in some way.

Other Information/Trivia[]

  • Kameron is 19 years old
  • She was born on August 3rd, and is a Leo
  • She is 5’5 and weighs 156 lbs
  • Kameron's sexuality is Pansexual
  • Her nickname from Delvin is "Kammy"